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We built this place working with our hands every house, every piece of furniture. We gathered everything that nature offered us: stone, water, wood and fire and we built the "Transylvania Amphitheater", the place where they blend harmoniously: the mountains with the forests and the springs, the man with his paths and thoughts.

Here, time and space are one and the same, there is no hurry and anxiety, but only the perfection of the grandiose nature that will surround you and fully absorb you.

Here is the real house, here you will (re) discover the soft and pleasant warmth, lost somewhere among the childhood memories, you will return to the state of absolute well-being, you will (re) discover the wonder of the world and the deep joy of existence.


Welcome home!

Houses ... OLD HUTS

Every house is alive, every room breathes and lives with its guests. These houses have been reborn after decades of numbness, storms and rains, snow and sunburn.

Every piece of the house bears the imprint of the old and the new, of the symbiosis of nature with the work of man, who skillfully and passionately built every detail.

Once you step inside you will be attacked by the fairytale atmosphere of the houses, where the vegetal smell of the walls together with the soft colors will transpose you to another world.

Wake up in the enchanted nest and admire the beauty of nature in the soft bed!

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